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Luxury canal barge cruises on the canals of southern France.


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 Southern France Hotel Barge Cruises on the Lavancelle

The peniche La Vancelle cruises along the Canal du Midi in southern France, in a region with a reputation for seafood, fruit and wine.

The Canal du Midi is the most beauriful waterway in France. It joins the Atlantic and Mediterranean seas in an incredible feat of engineering. It has now been named as a World Heritage Site.

The Peniche Lavancelle is unique on the southern France waterways in offering a 'total liberty' formula. With the Peniche comes its skipper and crew, but it is up to you to decide where you wish to go, when you wish to stop or start again. The skipper can advise but you are the captains of the barge and your destiny.

It is up to you …

You have embarked…
The liberty is yours…

The liberty of choice of itinerary : Where do you want to go ? In which direction, towards which towns, towards which stretches of countryside ?

Choose your style: Are you searching for the culture, history, architecture, museums ? Would you prefer the countryside, the beauty of nature and tranquillity ?
Would you like to organise a « jump » towards a place further afield ?

The liberty of choosing your rhythm : A little more sailing, ot a little less ? Stopping here or further along ? Setting off early ?
Would you like to be active and help navigating the barge, ot stay more calm on the bridge, dreaming in tranquillity…

La liberty of dining as you wish :Stop and eat in the retaurant that catches your eye ? Or would you prefer to be self catering on board La Vancelle ? Dine on the bridge or in the dining room ?
Would you like to discover the cuisine and great wines of the region ?
In any case, no worries about breakfast, which will be served at your chosen hour…

Our Prices:-

One week on the La Vancelle

for 6 people 7000€

From 16:00 o clock Saturday to 16:00 the following Friday

The price includes :

-Travel and accommodation on the barge


-the crew(captain and sailor)

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